Cleaning Out the Cobwebs

February 8, 2018

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It looks more and more like spring has come to Sonoma County.  I’m present to the winter ‘cobwebs’ – the residual from winter colds and flus, the left over toxins from the fires, the sedentary joints – that are crying to be cleared out with some Jin Shin Jyutsu!

As a Valentine’s Day offering, I invite you to come in for a 1/2 hour Spring Cleaning.  The cost is $50 and you are worth it.  Refer someone to me in the months of February or March and get a free Spring Cleaning session!

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Jin Shin Jane (Pritchard)


Why is Wheat Making You Sick?

November 30, 2017

I just read the best article I ever read about why the wheat we are eating now is being so detrimental to our health and I want to share it with you.  And, these guy at the same website make a really healthy and delicious bread I feel good about eating – and they ship!  Here’s the link:   On Wheat

Muscle Strain and Pain

March 18, 2014

spring exercise

Here in Northern California, spring has definitely sprung!  Along with the warmer weather comes the aches and pains of using our muscles  in ways they haven’t  been used all winter – outdoor exercise, gardening and warm weather projects.

If you find yourself with aching muscles here’s a Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help technique that can help the muscles let go and relax.  You’ll be using Jin Shin Jyutsu’s safety energy lock #8 which is a point located at the outside back of the knee on the head (the knobby part) of the fibula bone.  ( see drawing).

#8 picture

To utilize this hold, simply find the points – one on each knee – let up on the pressure, relax your shoulders, breathe and hold these points for 3-5 minutes.  When these points release I experience a sort of ‘whoosh’ through my whole body and an immediate body-wide relaxation.  This hold also helps with rhythm, strength and peace in the body, the body’s thermostat and for releasing tension in the pelvic girdle area.  This takes a bit of practice but it is definitely worth putting some time into.  The results are great!

Happy Spring and Jin Shinning!

Jin Shin Jyutsu for High Blood Pressure and Stress

November 7, 2013

Help for high blood pressure and stress


The holidays are coming.  Sometimes the stress takes a toll on our blood pressure.  Here are self-help tips to help you through:


Blood pressure projects of all kinds can be harmonized utilizing finger holds and certain flow patterns from the Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Books.  With any kind of discomfort we are looking to move energy to a greater place of harmony.

Try these Methods.  Hold your little finger, left then right (or vice versa), until you feel a pulse (or hold for 2 minutes if pulse is not detected). Hold your middle finger in the same way (Fig 1).

To maximize result, exhale, drop your shoulders, smile and naturally inhale as you hold each finger. Many people do multiples of 9 exhalations and inhalations, up to 36 times per finger. You can adapt this breathing practice to each method below. This will also help you de-stress and relax.



From: M.O., JSJ Practitioner.
My mother-in-law suffered a stroke just 2 weeks after my first class. I had my husband hold his right hand on her neck with his left palm on top until I could get to the ER. I was 20 minutes away from the hospital when he called me. When I got to her room, I immediately looked at the monitor and it looked really bad. Her heart rate was 150 and her blood pressure was through the roof. My father-in-law told the doctor she had not taken her BP medication for almost 3 weeks. Even on blood pressure meds, her blood pressure was very high and uncontrollable.

When I got there, she was hooked up to everything in sight and I remembered hearing if someone was having a heart attack, to hold the left little finger and the other hand between the blades on the back.
I could not get to her back so I just held the little finger while my husband continued to do the right hand with left palm over it. I thought she would either have another stroke or have a heart attack with the numbers I was seeing on the monitor. The doctors would not give her anything and they wanted her to “bleed out”. Every time I grabbed her little finger, the monitor would go from 150 heart rate IMMEDIATELY to 70 the very next beat. It was a miracle.

Of course, holding the little finger was too simple for me and I thought I should do something more. However, I didn’t know enough having only learned JSJ just 2 weeks earlier. Finally, out of frustration because of the hospital bed and the monitor connections, I simply sat down to hold the little finger.
After 15 minutes of holding that left little finger only because my other hand could not get under her back, her blood pressure came down to a normal numbers and her heart rate calmed down to a steady 70.

My husband, who thought this was all quackery, saw the same thing. It was on the monitor. This was verifiable. He is now a believer in the art and I was too that night. I had medical proof that holding the left little finger brought her heart rate down and high blood pressure without the use of any intervention-type drugs. The proof was on the monitor and with my mother-in-law, who survived the stroke without having a heart attack.

*Taken from Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc – Sharing JSJ Self Help Fall 2013

Copyright © 2013 Jane Pritchard / Jin Shin Jyutsu, All rights reserved.

Baby Sea Lion Encounter

September 3, 2013

I have shared this story with a few of you but here is the written account.  It happened many years ago – maybe 1999 or 2000.  It is a true story. 


Jin Shin Jane

Baby Sea Lion photo 1

Baby Sea Lion Encounter

         It was one of those rare summer evenings when our kids were off with others and my friend and I were alone on a weeknight.  Impulsively we hopped in the car and headed for the ocean.  Within 45 minutes we had our feet in the quickly cooling sand and we began hiking in search of the best place to view the sunset.  Intuitively we were drawn to go south on the beach instead of our usual north.

A short distance down the beach, near where Salmon Creek meets the sea, we saw a young girl sitting in the sand in front of a reclining animal – a dog perhaps.  As we got closer, I was shocked to see that it was a sea lion pup that was obviously very sick.  It’s breathing was labored, it’s nose runny, it shivered constantly and was weak.  It appeared to me that it had a respiratory illness. Being a Jin Shin Jyutsu* practitioner I immediately put my hands on her and started to treat the pup in an attempt to strengthen her life force energy.  Her chi pulse was so weak it was almost undetectable.  From my many years’ experience, I knew she was extremely ill and probably near death.       

 People started gathering around, and kids poked at her before I could shoo them away.  Adults came by with advice like – “don’t touch her it’s bad for their fur” – “It’s OK”, I’d say, “I work with healing arts and she’s in bad shape.”  Others told us that they had seen this pup here a week before beside its mother who had died there.  The Mammal Rescue Center had been called but no one had rescued the pup.  We were told that it had been here all day on that day and while the park ranger had been called, no one had shown up.

Eventually there were about 6 of us left standing on the now cold and darkening beach trying to figure out what to do to help this young one.  The Mammal Rescue Center was an hour’s drive away, but we all felt that if we didn’t get the pup there she was doomed.  It seemed that Simon and I were the only ones with no dogs and a car that would accommodate the patient, so we agreed to do our humane duty and make the trek.  I remember saying a prayer for the pup (and at the same time being somewhat remorseful that our one childless evening would be spent driving all the way to Marin).

The next obstacle was how to get the pup up the steep steps of the cliff to the car.  While young and small by sea lion standards, it was still about 225 pounds.  One gracious man volunteered his warm ski jacket.  We placed the pup on the jacket (it rallied at this point and tried to bite.  We knew we had to watch out for those teeth).  Once zipped inside the jacket, we used it as a sort of sling to carry the pup up the cliff trail to the car.  We put the back seats down making a flat surface for the pup to lie on.  She was weaker now and didn’t even struggle as we put her inside.

Simon drove as I reached back and continued to treat her using Jin Shin Jyutsu.  We decided we should go to the fire station up the road and call the Rescue Center to make sure that someone could meet us there when we arrived.  Simon went in to call and I continued to treat the pup who I found quite endearing at this point.  From time to time I would take my hands away from her to adjust my position and each time she would struggle to raise her head and look at me until I began treating her again.  As soon as I touched her, she would lay her head back down and close her eyes.  This happened each time I took my hands off of her signaling to me that what I was doing was helping her.

 After a while Simon returned and slid into the driver’s seat with a look of shocked disbelief.  The person at the Mammal Rescue Center said we were violating federal law by removing the pup from the beach and we were to return her immediately!  We were told that they leave the pups that they feel are beyond help and advised us to do the same.  We were speechless as this was absolutely the last thing we expected to be told.  The thought of taking her back to die alone and sick was just not an option we could grasp – as if we could get her back down the cliff anyway.   As we sat there trying to make sense of it all, there was a knock on the car window and the fireman told us the Rescue Center had called back.  When Simon went in I pulled out the bottle of “Rescue Remedy” that I keep in my purse.  (Rescue Remedy is one of the time honored Bach Flower Remedies – an herbal tincture that helps people, animals and plants recover from shock and trauma.)  I had never used it on a sea mammal before but I figured what the heck.  If they were going to leave her to die anyway, I’d give it a shot.  I put a drop on my finger and rubbed it on the pup’s lip. Then I continued to treat her using Jin Shin Jyutsu.  In about 3 minutes her breathing eased to normal, she stopped shivering and completely relaxed.  The change was so dramatic that at first I thought she had died.

Simon returned and said that the person at the Rescue Center had changed her mind and that there was a Rescue Center employee who lived there in Bodega Bay where we were.  If she were home and had a cage, we could take her there and if not we could bring the pup to the center.  Simon went back in and awaited her next call.  I continued to treat the pup who was quite relaxed at this point and didn’t move except to raise her head and look at me with those deep black eyes each time I stopped treating her for a moment.

Simon returned with news that we would be taking her to the Rescue Center.  He had been told to put the pup in a box and keep her flippers wet. (Great, how to accomplish this?)  We stopped at a local grocery to find a box, but there was really no box large and strong enough to contain her so we headed to the boat ramp at Bodega Bay to wet her flippers. 

As we neared the bay the pup perked up, lifted her head, stood up and became quite animated.  By the time we got to the boat ramp, about 2 miles away, she was quickly going from side window to side window, extremely alert.  Her energy had completely changed.  Her breathing was regular, and she had stopped shivering.  There was no nasal congestion or discharge and no sign of respiratory distress.  She was now so active that we knew it would be extremely difficult to take her on an hour’s drive.

When we arrived at the boat ramp, Simon backed the car down so we were near the water’s edge.  We opened the back door and the pup immediately hopped out, leaned down and touched Simon’s foot with her nose. Then she began toddling down to the bay.  She would take a few steps, then stop and listen, very alert.  It was twilight and we could hear sea lions in the distance of the bay.  We would nudge her along as she would stop and listen every few steps.  When she reached the water we moistened her flippers and she just sat there attentive for a few minutes.  We stood with her, savoring this magical moment so amazed that this being who was seemingly on the verge of death an hour before was now so alert and seemingly well.  Without ceremony, she slid into the water and began to swim.  She went under and in a few seconds surfaced about 15 feet away.  She looked our way – it was almost dark but in the moonlight we could see her.  We spoke to her our blessings for a great life.  She went under again, and we could hear her surface and submerge again but could see her no longer. Then she was gone and there was only the calm lapping of the water.

            The drive home was quiet, full of awe for this magical experience that we had just had.  To cross paths with one of nature’s truly wild creatures is rare.  To get to experience a healing with one is exquisite.

We will never know what happened to that little pup.  Did she live and have a great life?  Did she recover completely?  Did she relapse and die?  It’s a mystery that will never be solved.  We do know that just being with her was a gift from Spirit.

That night in our separate homes both Simon and I had dreams of her. We both saw those deep black soulful eyes of hers again.  Did her spirit come come to thank us?  Did she come to us as she died?  We will never know.

About a week later I was talking to a wildlife photographer friend of mine who swims with the dolphins and whales and who, it turns out, worked at one time at the Mammal Rescue Center.  She told me that a lot of sea lions had been dying of a respiratory illness recently. Interestingly she also said that sea lions are so sensitive, and bond so rapidly with humans that they have to be kept in a separate area at the center away from even most of the employees.

 When I think back to this experience, I can still see those intense, dark black eyes looking deeply into mine.  Since then I have treated many animals both domestic and wild with Jin Shin Jyutsu, but nothing has compared to this …so far.


*Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient healing art that balances and unblocks the life force energy and releases deep tension so the body can heal itself more easily and effectively.  For more information go to

(Self) Help for the Sleepless

March 28, 2013



One of the concerns I often hear in my practice is difficulty sleeping;  getting to sleep and/or staying asleep.   There are many variables that can affect our sleep patterns; hormones (or the lack thereof), diet, allergies, the mattress/pillows we are using, lack of exercise, electrical interference, light, sound, etc.  You may need to address some of those to get great sleep but there are ways to harmonize sleep projects using Jin Shin Jyutsu on yourself.  Here are four Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help techniques that may help:

Method 1:  A simple way to harmonize a condition of insomnia is to hold the thumb including the pad of your thumb.  Hold left then right (or vice versa) until you feel a pulse in each (or hold for 2 minutes if pulse is not detected). To maximize the result, exhale, drop your shoulders, smile and naturally inhale as you hold each digit.  Many people do multiples of 9 exhalations and inhalations, up to 36 times per thumb. You can do this breathing practice with each finger hold or flow below.

Method 2:  Place thumbs or finger or fingers on LEFT and RIGHT base of skull.  This can be done sitting down, standing or lying down.

Method 3: Place left hand on right base of skull, right hand on left cheek bone.  Then right hand on left base of skull, left hand on right cheek bone.

Method 4:  Hold right ring finger with the left hand and then left ring finger with the right hand.

Try these and soon you will be sleeping like  a baby!

Cancer Treatment and Jin Shin Jyutsu

June 15, 2012

Cancer patients going through chemotherapy or radiation have much less pain, nausea and stress after receiving Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions.

This is something that Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioners have known for years.  Now in a new study confirming this, the Markey Cancer Center (University of Kentucky Health Care) in conjunction with the Lexington Cancer Foundation published results of 206 sessions with 111 patients.   Below is a graph showing the results and links for more information about that study.

Most of us know people in cancer treatment.  Chemotherapy and radiation are not fun but when coupled with Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions, the debilitating side effects of conventional cancer treatment are lessened dramatically.  I invite you to join me in sharing this information with those who could benefit.

More information can be found at these links:

I’m dancing as fast as I can

September 20, 2011





Do you ever feel like there will never be an end to all the things you need to get done?  Do you sometimes feel like a hamster in a wheel running as fast as you can?

This is a common way of being in our culture and over time it can have serious health consequences.  Often called being in the ‘adrenal mode’ or  the ‘fight-or-flight mode’, early humans needed this ability to outrun saber tooth tigers.

Now we use it to get the kids to school on time, get to that appointment, drive in traffic, you get the picture.  It serves the same purpose but we get into a habit of it in our typical western lifestyle and use our adrenal energy edge way too much.  Over time this can lead to adrenal fatigue where we are just out of energy all the time and can never seem to get rested and rejuvenated.

There are many things we can do for ourselves with Jin Shin Jyutsu to help prevent adrenal fatigue.  One of them is to hold your 23 (on the back where the ribs meet the spine near the waist) while also holding the opposite 1 (inside of the knee).  Relax your shoulders and breathe.  Hold this for a few minutes  then switch and do the other side 23 and opposite 1.  You will start to feel a balance and energy return.  (By the way, if your adrenals are already fatigued you might need some full Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions to clear things out so the self help is more effective.)

Another thing that is very interesting and helpful along these lines is this.  When we go into an adrenal mode studies show that we instinctively clench our jaw to protect our face, we raise our shoulders to protect our neck and we make a fist to protect our hands.  When you relax your jaw, your shoulders and your fingers you physically cannot be in an adrenal mode-seriously!  And remember to breath as you relax.  Practice this and see if you don’t find yourself getting out of and staying out of that adrenal mode more easily.  I have found it pretty interesting.

We are now moving toward a busy time of year so I invite you to practice these two techniques now to help yourself deal with the coming onslaught of ‘doing’, being able to  regenerate and re-invigorate!

Be well!

We all have the innate power to help ourselves at our fingertips!

June 14, 2011

We have so much of what we need to improve our health and reverse the effects of aging right at our fingertips.  Today I have a free Jin Shin Jyutsu lesson for you.  This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can learn to do with Jin Shin Jyutsu.  My next Jin Shin Jyutsu Class for Self Help is in July where you will learn much, much more.  (This class will be videotaped for future use as an online class, so won’t be teaching in the Santa Rosa area again for a while as I prepare the online class program.)  For more information and to register online go to: http://jin-shin–

Use this simple 6 steps below each day to harmonize your Main Universal Revitalizing Energy.  Try this exercise everyday for at least 7 days and see what differences you notice…It’s that simple!  


The Main Central Vertical Flow is the source of our life energy. This pathway runs down the center of  the front of the body and back up the spine. Here is a Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help process to harmonize this pathway.

Harmonizing the Main Central regularly helps you feel centered and ensures that you will have plenty of energy. Some people find it calming and use it to fall asleep, while others like to use it to invigorate themselves upon awakening. For optimum results, use this daily.


Step 1: Place the fingers of the right hand on the top of the head (where they will remain until step 6). Place the fingers of the left hand on your forehead between your eyebrows. Hold for 2 to 5 minutes or until the pulses you feel at your fingertips synchronize with each other.

Aids: Memory, dissipates senility, helps pituitary & pineal glands

Step 2: Now move the left fingertips to the tip of the nose. Hold them there for 2 to 5 minutes, or until the pulses synchronize.

Aids: The reproductive and digestive systems

Step 3: Move the left fingertips to your sternum (center of your chest between your breasts). Stay there for 2 to 5 minutes, or until the pulses synchronize.

Aids: Breathing, harmonizes mental/emotional projects

Step 4: Move your fingers to the base of your sternum (center of where your ribs start, above the stomach).  Hold them there for 2 to 5 minutes, or until the pulses synchronize.

Aids: Digestion, balances nervous system, helps all organs

Step 5: Move your fingers to the top of your pubic bone (above the genitals, center). Stay there for 2 to 5 minutes, or until the pulses synchronize.

Aids: exhalation, strengthens and aligns the spine

Step 6: Keep your left fingertips in place and move your right fingertips to cover your coccyx (tailbone). Hold for 2 to 5 minutes or until the pulses you feel at your fingertips synchronize with each other.

Aids: in circulation of legs and feet

Note: The right hand remains on the top of the head while the left hand moves down the body until the final step.

It’s that simple to start reducing stress and healing yourself!  Share this information with others who also want Better Health for Themselves.   

Jin Shin Jyutsu and the information on this page is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment or emergency care. If you have a medical condition, consult your regular medical professional or emergency care provider. 

  This version of the Main Central Vertical flow is copyright JSJ Inc 


Spring Cleaning

April 26, 2011

Last weekend I was consumed by cleaning everything in sight.  It didn’t occur for me until the end of the day that ‘Oh, it’s spring and I’ve got the spring cleaning bug!’  It’s always been a natural inclination for me to want to clear out the cobwebs after the long winter and I think it’s natural for most of us.  You see it in nature when you look around in the spring.  Birds are clearing out old nests to make way for new ones, spring winds are cleaning up left over leaves and other natural refuse and spring plants are pushing up through the old compost to create new colors and fresh life.

So this is a good time to do some spring cleaning for your body too.  There are many things we can do to ‘detox’ the body.  We can take supplements that cleanse the digestive system, we can do fasting that supports the body in releasing old toxins, we can do detoxing baths or foot baths to name a few.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, there is a point that is known as the body’s janitor because it releases excess garbage.  When my daughter was little she used to call these points ‘the trash guys’.  In computer vernacular they would be like the ‘delete button’.  They are known as the #11’s and they are located at the upper tip of the scapula (shoulder blade) near the neck.  In fact, these points can ‘fill up’ all the way to the neck so ideally that whole area should be clear of tension and discomfort.  These 11’s also help with releasing daily fatigue and help unburden the breathing function.

To release the #11’s you can hold the #11 with the opposite hand and make a ring with the thumb and ring finger with the same side  hand.  Relax your shoulders, breathe and just hold that for a few minutes.  Then do the opposite side.  This will help to clean your body out of old excess baggage making way for the freshness of life that the springtime embodies.

To learn more about doing Jin Shin Jyutsu on yourself, you may want to take the class I’m offering in May:


For some other tips on spring cleaning your physical environment in a more ‘green’ sustainable way, there are some good tips here: